Want to go abroad for a semester? Absolutely.

For a year? Definitely.

To two or three different locations? Done.

We don’t only make study abroad accessible—we make it irresistible.

From our Dickinson programs to our partner programs to our Mosaics to summer offerings to winter break trips, it’s harder not to go abroad as a Dickinsonian. And Dickinson will ensure you find a global experience that matches your major and career goals—while still graduating on time. And if you study on a Dickinson program, all your financial aid goes with you, and your credits transfer back. Seamless.

Long-term programs run for a semester or academic year, and they fall into three categories: Dickinson programs, partner programs and non-Dickinson programs.

Dickinson Programs

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Partner Programs

While the college has invested significant resources in developing its own programs, it's not possible for an institution of Dickinson's size to operate and maintain programs that meet the needs of every student. So the college has developed a select number of strategic partnerships with some of the oldest and most respected study-abroad provider organizations to give students additional variety.

Non-Dickinson Programs

Non-Dickinson programs are available to the relatively few Dickinson students who find that their academic goals cannot be achieved on a Dickinson or partner program. Approximately 10% of Dickinson's education abroad participants pursue and are approved to participate in non-Dickinson program options.



Dickinson is consistently ranked among the top 5 colleges for long-term study abroad. More than 60% of students study off campus, many for a year or more.


Short-Term Programs Abroad

Dickinson also offers short term summer programs and globally integrated courses/Mosaics.

Summer Programs

Summer programs are freestanding, self-contained, one-credit courses taught abroad at one of our global sites by a Dickinson faculty member.

Globally Integrated Courses/Mosaics

In some ways, globally integrated courses and Mosaics are not short-term programs at all; they are listed here because they entail briefer stints abroad (usually less than four weeks’ time), combined with a semesterlong, credit-bearing course on campus. These programs meaningfully connect their short time abroad with a course devoted to a thorough investigation of a global topic.

Search by Major

We encourage you to search for study abroad programs by your major.

If you don’t see a program listed under your major or you have questions, we encourage you to schedule a meeting with an advisor in the CGSE by emailing global@dickinson.edu.